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How Much Liability Coverage Do You Need to Protect Your Assets?

When it comes to insurance policies, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Every policy includes a variety of options, with the policyholder choosing the liability coverage types and limits according to his or her needs. The average Arizona auto policy includes liability, collision and comprehensive, underinsured/uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection. Of course, coverage amounts vary, […]


Arizona Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake coverage is a specific form of insurance that can be purchased as part of your property insurance policy. This policy will cover costs of damage caused to the property in the event of an earthquake. The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies within Arizona do not cover loss in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake […]


How Do I Calculate the Cost to Rebuild My Home?

It is important to get an accurate estimate for the value of your home in order to determine the amount of property insurance coverage you need. There are a number of factors to consider, including: Square footage of the property and local construction costs. Style of the house. Number of rooms in the home. Special […]


Does My Arizona Home Insurance Policy Protect Against Flood Damage?

Flood Insurance is not a coverage that can be added to a home policy by paying extra on your premium. It is a separate policy and must be purchased separately and coverage for flood damage is excluded under the policy for homes. If you need to ensure that you’re Arizona home is properly covered for […]


How Does a Grace Period Apply to Home Insurance in Arizona?

In Arizona, your grace period is the amount of time after a home insurance policy has lapsed when you are covered for losses. Bear in mind that this is not a necessity in all states and some insurers offer no grace period, so be sure to check with your provider or agent for specific regarding […]


What Influences the Premium Costs for Arizona Home Insurance Coverage?

The type of coverage you buy clearly alters the price, and this is only possible once you have determined the market value of your property, completed an inventory, and decided on the amount of liability insurance you want. Your zip code is taken into consideration, as high-crime areas are naturally deemed to be higher risk. […]


How Can I Save Money on My Arizona Home Insurance Policy?

The most obvious way to save money is by raising your deductible level. This is the amount you agree to pay on any claim before the insurance company steps in to pay the rest of the damages. Fitting security devices such as proximity lighting, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and burglar alarms will cut the cost […]


What Does Quality Arizona Home Insurance Coverage Cost?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners said the average annual cost of home insurance in 2010 was almost $800. Though this is also the average cost in Arizona, naturally this cost can be more or less depending on your needs, property value, and location. In order to save money, it is advantageous to utilize an […]


In Arizona, How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do I Have on My Valuables?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, home insurers generally provide coverage for up to 75 percent of the amount of insurance you have on your home’s structure, but this number can vary depending on the policy and provider. In this instance, your possessions would be covered up to $225,000 if your home is worth $300,000, […]


What Types of Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage is Available to Me in Arizona?

Arizona home insurance is not always created equal and typically the more you pay, the more protection you get. In general, there are several different home insurance coverage types: Actual Cash Value: Covers the value of the house and your personal possessions once depreciation has been subtracted. Basically, you get what the items are worth […]