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Are you looking for Homeowners Insurance Coverage? Well come to San Tan Insurance! Call (480) 391-3883 for a quote to insure your house and personal property today!

Choosing the right home insurance in San Tan Valley can be the difference between relaxing and allowing your insurer to foot the bill for damages, and being severely in debt. After paying so much money for your property, it is imperative that you are covered in the event of damage. You can also purchase policies to protect your possessions and keep you safe against personal liability claims.

Coverage Options

At San Tan Insurance, we are dedicated to helping customers find the best home insurance policy for their needs. We help you find a quote for a suitable policy, and our options include:

  • Personal liability: If someone gets injured or has personal possessions damaged on your property and takes legal action, this policy protects you.
  • Personal property: If your appliances, clothing, or furniture are damaged in a manner that is covered under the policy, the cost of replacement will be covered.
  • Dwelling: covers damage to the physical structure of your home.
  • Other structures: covers damage to the physical structure of buildings not attached to your home.

You can also choose between an array of specialty home insurance policies that provide protection beyond the standard types. For example, identity restoration coverage can help you if your identity is stolen, while flood insurance keeps you covered if your property is damaged due to flooding.
If your existing home and auto policy limits aren’t enough, you can purchase personal umbrella insurance. This can be crucial because if you don’t have adequate liability insurance, you may be forced to sell assets in order to pay for the damages you owe.
Ultimately, you should get in touch with an independent insurance agent to make sure you find a policy that gives you the right level of protection. Getting a quote from San Tan Insurance is a great way to find home insurance that fits your budget.