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If you run a small business in a town like Gilbert, Arizona, you need a certain level of protection. Otherwise, you will be walking a tightrope, just one unfortunate event away from a complete disaster at all times. Originally, business insurance mainly covered theft and fire damage, but times have changed and there are now a variety of threats to your business.

As a result, it has become instrumental to purchase insurance for your business; but first of all, you have to understand the type of insurance required. Failure to do your homework could cause you to either pay too much for coverage you don’t need or worse: lack coverage for what you do need. Below, we briefly look at the types of business insurance you need and other forms of coverage you should consider, depending on your industry.


General Liability

This protects you against third-party liabilities, which are caused by negligence. Examples of how you are covered include bodily injury caused by the negligent actions of someone on your premises, property damage, data loss, and protection against legal action (for example, one of your employees slanders a client). This is the most popular form of business insurance.


Professional Liability

This is also known as errors and omissions insurance, and this protects your business from any legal action that results from the breakdown of professional services. For example, if your company builds a website for a client, but the client claims the website is not fit for its purpose, you will be covered if the client decides to sue.


Business Owner Policy (BOP)

This type of insurance protects company assets. It is a form of property insurance that covers office contents, such as furniture or computers, against damage that occurs due to theft, fire, or accidents. BOP insurance is essentially an extension and combination of property and general liability insurance.



This is a relatively new type of insurance, but it may be essential to businesses that are computer-based, which comprises almost all organizations in the United States. As you can probably tell from the name, cyberinsurance keeps your business protected against cyberattacks.



This offers industry-specific coverage to technology organizations. There is not a huge difference between this and professional liability insurance, but if you are purchasing errors and omissions coverage as a tech company, you may want to include software copyright infringement to cover you in the event someone sues your business for using an image that belongs to them, for example.


Marketing and Business Consultant

This is another form of insurance that builds upon other policies to create specialized protection for businesses. For instance, you may decide to include more general copyright infringement protection than that for technology companies if you are in a different industry.

Your organization may be performing extremely well right now, but all it takes is one fall or mistake from an employee for your company to be in big trouble. If you have the right business insurance, you should be able to overcome any legal obstacles you encounter. Enlist the help of San Tan Insurance, a Gilbert business insurance agency that can help you find the right insurer and policy for your company.