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What Does Automobile Insurance Cover?

Liability Coverage Icon
Liability Coverage

This coverage is provided for the listed drivers and auto on your policy. The liability of the auto insurance coverage provides funds up to the limit of the policy to settle the at fault claim on your behalf. If you do not have liability insurance or enough liability insurance to pay a claim, the party that was damaged, (due to your negligence), may go after you personally. The most important item to remember is that you need to have the liability limits higher than your personal assets. If not, you may have to sell your personal possessions to pay for your claim.

Medical Payment Coverage Icon
Medical Payment

This coverage allows the party that was injured within your auto to have their medical bills paid due to injuries sustained within your vehicle. The payments would be paid up to the limit of the medical payments coverage and are subject to the policy language. Make sure you speak with your auto insurance broker and understand this coverage and its limitations, conditions and exclusions before you buy it.

Comprehensive Coverage Icon

Provides coverage for accidental damage to your vehicle for most causes, except collision or upset. This coverage is subject to a deductible.

Full Glass Coverage Icon
Full Glass Coverage

This coverage waives the deductible for any broken glass on your auto. Some policies restrict this coverage to certain types of claims and specific pieces of glass on your auto, while excluding other pieces of glass.

Collision Coverage Icon

Provides coverage for accidental damage to your vehicle caused by collision or upset. This auto insurance coverage is also subject to a deductible.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Icon
Uninsured Motorist

This coverage provides protection up to the policy limits for payment of legally collectable damage for bodily injury or death caused by another vehicle that is not properly insured.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage Icon
Underinsured Motorist

This provides the same coverage as Uninsured Motorist up to the policy limits, except that it provides the coverage if the other vehicle does not have sufficient coverage to pay the full amount of your loss for bodily injury.

Towing Coverage Icon
Towing Coverage

This is a reimbursement coverage that pays for towing to the nearest repair facility up to the limit of the coverage. It is important to speak with your auto insurance broker and have them explain the limitations, conditions and exclusions for this coverage.

Rental Car Expensive Coverage Icon
Rental Car Expense

This coverage pays for a rental car while your car is in the shop being fixed due to a covered loss.


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